Visualizing and Rendering Service Company in Tokyo

Time and cost efficient.Because we can use a photo on the background, it’s perfect for presenting a quick “before and after” image for immediate use.

mont_devicee.g. For digital signage plan

  1. Erase the people, bicycle and some objects on the picture.
  2. Modeling the signage device by 3D software(the image on the right )
  3. Combining the image with the photo.
  4. Inserting additional elements(people and signage contents).

The currency for payment is US dollar.

Before: 現状写真


After: 合成後


In the direction of a signage and a signboard contractor, and a store development section, the remodeling contractor and tree planting-related people use this Photo Montage Service especially.

Elevator Hall Remodel


  1. Change the materials on the floor,the walls and the ceiling.
  2. Add some plants.
  3. Adjust the photo brightness.





Remodel the Bicycle Parking Area to a Play Room for Kids


  1. Erase the bicycles.
  2. Change the materials on the floor, the walls, the ceiling.
  3. Insert the kids and some items that is likely to be there.





Correcting a Photo for Ads


  1. Change the sky to blue from cloudy.
  2. Erase the person who is framed in.
  3. Adjust the photo brightness.





Illumination Design


  1. Turn the photo into night situation.
  2. Compose the illumination lights.
  3. Insert the people.





Tree Planting Project

40390aCompose the tree planting items on the wall.